OTTN attends ACCT conference

The Alliance for Commercialization of Canadian Technologies (ACCT) held its 5th Annual Meeting in beautiful Victoria from November 8-10.  Joe Irvine, Sean Flanigan, and Brian Julien from OTTN attended the conference which focused on positive trends and future opportunities to overcome the current challenges faced by institutional research and the technology transfer profession. ACCT promotes world class technology transfer and commercialization for the benefit of Canadians.

Joe Irvine was moderator for the track “Lean, Mean, Green and Clean: Exploring Opportunities to Make Money in an Emerging Carbon Economy”

Sean Flanigan was panelist for the track “Streamlining Inter-Institutional Agreements: Diminishing the Pain and Increasing the Gain”

Two noteworthy announcements were made at the conference.  Joe Irvine was appointed to the Board of Directors of ACCT  and the 2010 ACCT conference will be held in Ottawa and co-chaired by Sean Flanigan.

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About Ottawa Technology Transfer Network
The Ottawa Technology Transfer Network (OTTN) is a collaboration among academic research institutions affiliated with the University of Ottawa and who's goal is to enhance the economic impact of research commercialization through the sharing of best practices, enhanced market knowledge, student engagement and proactive industrial interation. OTTN members include the University of Ottawa, the Ottawa Hospital Research Institutie (OHRI), the Childrens' Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) and the Unviversity of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI)

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