Start-up Garage tips – (Applications Due March 22)

There is one week left before the applications to the Start-up Garage are due! The applications are due Tuesday March 22, midnight. The results will be available on March 29th.

The applications will be judged by staff at TTBE and Ontario Centers of Excellence (OCE). Judging will be based on 14 criteria related to the questions on the application form. Each question will be rated 1-5. The teams with the highest scores will be selected for an oral presentation. We will be using Chide.It’s online Review Room . We will select a minimum of 3 teams for an oral presentation. Teams will present information that is generally found on the application.

To make sure you have the best chance possible, below are some tips for filling out the form, which is available on request from . Read more of this post

Innovation Challenge Seminar – Séminaire Prix Défi Innovation CRSNG

The Innovation Challenge Awards honour graduate students in the natural sciences or engineering who have demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit by identifying ways in which their research thesis results can be developed into products and processes to benefit Canadians.

To help students submit an application, TTBE is hosting the following event:

How to write a winning NSERC Innovation Challenge Proposal
Friday, April 1st, 2011 from 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM (ET)
SITE Building, Room 3042
800 King Edward, 3rd floor, Room 3042

For more information :

Le prix Défi innovation rend hommage aux étudiants diplômés en sciences naturelles ou en génie qui ont fait preuve d’esprit d’entreprise en trouvant des façons d’utiliser les résultats de leurs travaux de thèse pour mettre au point des produits ou des processus qui procureront des avantages aux Canadiens.

En support du prix, VRTT invite les étudiants de dernière année à la maîtrise et au doctorat ainsi que les diplômés récents à l’événement suivant :

Écrire une soumission gagnante pour le Prix Défi Innovation CRSNG
vendredi le 1 avril 2011 à partir de 9h30 – 10h:30
Pavillon EITI, Chambre 3042
800 King Edward, 3eme étage, Pièce 3042

Pour plus d’information cliquez ici :