OTTN at OCE Discovery 11

OTTN was well represented at OCE Discovery 11 event in Toronto May 18, 19 with our double booth located near one of the amphitheatres. Two spin-off companies (Simon Goulet and Isabella Steffensen from Therapeutic Monitoring Systems and Sheldon Stevens Privacy Analytics), one student in the business case competition (David Shapiro) and four OTTN staff attended. OCE Discovery 11 featured keynote presentations from leading innovators and entrepreneurs (David Thompson and Bill Buxton) and simultaneous sessions on all aspects of technology development and commercialization. Discovery is a showcase of leading-edge technologies, best practices and research from sectors such as health, manufacturing, digital media and cleantech, including energy, environment and water. According to OCE there were close to 2,500 attendees and more than 325 exhibitors. Joe Irvine and Simon Goulet (TMS) participated in a panel on Wednesday entitled Prospering from Ontario’s Technology Transfer Partnerships: An Industry Academic Perspective” and their presentations focused on the technology development requirements of innovation from a hospital (OHRI) based research perspective.

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OnSETT 2.0 Launched in Toronto by OCE TTN

The OCE Technology Transfer Networks team (Bradley Fox, Tania Massa) launched the new OnSETT at a breakfast meeting in Toronto May 18. The four University based networks – Rideau Commercialization Network (including OTTN, PARTEQ and Carleton), MaRS Innovation, OPIC and C4 – and the community college based network (CONII) outliined their network memberships and strengths. Representatives from more than 20 institutions participated in break-out sessions to prioritize the professional development, industry liaison and networking activties for the new – member based OnSETT.

uOttawa at the Innovation and the Human Brain Symposium

Innovation and the Human Brain was a Leadership Summit jointly organized by IBM, the Public Policy Forum and Baycrest and held at IBM Canada’s Markham Software labs. This year the focus was on the human brain, and the science and innovation which is spurring Ontario to become a world leader in neuroscience. In addition to speakers from UWO, York, Baycrest, NSERC and the new Ontario Brain Institute, Dr Anthony Krantis, Director Centre for Research in BioPharmaceuticals and Biotechnology uOttawa and founder of OTTN spin-off company QBM Cell Sciences spoke about the cryopreserved neurons and global network for brain reconstruction. uOttawa was well represented with participants from the Faculties of Medicine and Engineering as well as from CCS and OTTN. Presentations are available at the Public Policy Forum website

10th Annual Re$earch Money Conference a Success

Research Money held its 10th Annual Conference entitled “Priming the Pump: The Role of Government Research Support in Business Innovation” in Ottawa May 11 and 12. Ron Freedman, Jeffrey Crelinsten and Mark Henderson put together a program highlighting the best in government-industry interaction and innovation policy with speakers and panelists from across Europe and Canada highlighting best practices and lessons learned. Some of the presentations are available at the Re$earch Money website.

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OTTN/uOttawa at CAURA

OTTN participated as speakers/panellists at three sessions at the 40th Annual CAURA meeting held in Ottawa May 15-18. Sean Flanigan and Joe Irvine participated in the Research Contracts II workshop on Sunday (along with Morag Cowell, NRC and Session Chair Neil Campbell, U Calgary) and spoke about the lessons we can learn from the Lambert UK agreements. Sean outlined the use of one of the Lambert template agreements in the SME4SME program and participated in the mock negotiation session.
Sean Flanigan also participated in the Engaging Industry panel session on Monday, outlining how the SME4SME program helped to engage new companies to work with uOttawa/OTTN. Joe Irvine was a panellist in a Tuesday session entitled Where Do Your Adjuncts Come From?” with Elizabeth White, NRC and Dr. Subash Sad, NRC and a uOttawa adjunct professor.
This program included many panelists and more registrants from uOttawa and was for CAURA a record setting attendance with over 500 registrants. Our cool and rainy weather meant most registrants stayed in the sessions rather than enjoying the tulips or other tourist attractions.

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Vertigrow, Aero Tri, and Trial Guardian are selected for the OTTN Start-up Garage

Start-up Garage is an Ottawa Technology Transfer Network (OTTN) initiative, in partnership with the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), Centre for Commercialisation of Research, which provides post secondary students with the opportunity to start their own company. Among the fifteen applications received by OTTN, three have been selected for the 2011 Start-up Garage program. These include Vertigrow, Trial Guardian and Aero Tri.

OTTN provides $18,000 each to the three teams, in addition to office and meeting space, mentoring, and access to business experts. Through the rigorous selection process, the three teams demonstrated an aptitude for entrepreneurship, as well as products that address a real need.

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Vertigrow, Aero Tri et Trial Guardian ont été sélectionnées pour le programme du Start-Up Garage 2011avec le RTTO

Le Start-Up Garage est un programme du Réseau de Transfert de Technologie d’Ottawa (RTTO) ainsi que du « Ontario Center of Excellence (OCE) Centre for Commercialisation of Research » qui donne l’opportunité aux étudiants de se lancer en affaire et de créer leurs propres compagnies. Parmi les quinze demandes d’applications que le RTTO a reçues, trois ont été sélectionnées pour le programme du Start-Up Garage 2011. Ceux-ci sont : Vertigrow, Trial Guardian et Aero Tri.  .

Le RTTO, propose à ces trois groupes une somme de 18,000 $, un espace de bureau et de rencontre, un mentorat ainsi qu’un accès aux experts d’entreprises. Après une sélection rigoureuse, les trois équipes à avoir été choisi par le programme de Start-Up Garage ont démontré un certain entrepreneuriat et ont prouvé que leur technologie répondait à un réel besoin dans la société.

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