OTTN at National Angel Capital Organization annual meeting in Ottawa

Joe Irvine represented OTTN  as many members of the Ottawa entrepreneurship community participated in the National Angel Capital Organization.  OTTN Board member Michelle Scarborough was the conference co-chair and several others from OCRI and the RIC (Bruce Lazenby, Peter Becke) and many local entrepreneurs and angels were in attendance.  Two other ACCT Canada Board members also attended the event (Janet Scholz and Lanis Anthony)

OTTN participates in Innovation 2011 ACCT Annual Meeting in Montreal

Five members of the OTTN team participated in the ACCT Canada Annual Meeting in Montreal last week. Anouk Fortin (OHRI), Catherine Geci, Perry Kim, Sean Flnaigan and Joe Irvine (ACCT Canada Board member) attended the conference.  Over 350 participants from post-secondary institutions, hospitals, government and industry in the industry engagement and technology transfer business shared best practices, provblems and solutions.   On Monday Nov 21, Joe Irvine was a panelist in the session on Commercialization Systems and Supports.  The next ACCT Annual Meeting Innovation 2012 will be held in late Fall 2012 in Ottawa.

On Tuesday Nov 22, it was announced that Joe Irvine had been elected as the new Chair of the ACCT Canada Board .  In that role On Wed Nov. 23, he and Janet Scholz (President & CEO) represented ACCT Canada in a workshop on the Canadian Commercialization Consortium (c3) initiative of the International Commercialization Alliance.

uOttawa researchers and industry connect to improve the security of Canadians

OTTN, in partnership with uOttawa’s Faculty of Engineering, NRC-IRAP, and NSERC Ontario hosted an industry / academia connector event this morning. The event centered around the theme of safety and security, and included talks ranging from the use of robots to inspect vehicles for explosives, securing data and personal information while balancing the need to protect the community from malicious behaviour, and cost effective methods to fortify buildings to withstand bomb blasts and natural disasters.
Judging from the spirited discussions after the presentations, the topics resonated well with the industry participants at the event. This provided an excellent opportunity for the students, professors, and industry participants to look for common interests to engage in applied research projects. To help facilitate the creation of new research partnerships between the university and industry, NSERC Ontario highlighted their popular Engage program, which provides $25,000 in funding for new industry – academia collaborations.

Student Entrepreneurs learn how to better engage customers at Wednesday’s Start-up Garage event.

Start-up Garage hosted an impressive group of student entrepreneurs Wednesday night to learn the techniques used by the best sales people to engage customers, and turn selling into buying. The session was developed and run by Trevor Wilkins, who brought to the students insights from over 35 years of experience influencing people to buy his products, services, and ideas.

The session was dynamic and interactive, and kept the students wanting more. Trevor demonstrated how to fully engage with customers, and use elicitation to understand what they expect to take away from the purchase. Judging from the interactions between Trevor and the Start-up Garage participants, there is little doubt that these students have taken away with them techniques that are sure to enhance their businesses, as well as their careers and everyday lives.  

Start-up Garage is looking for student entrepreneurs who want to build their own business. It is offering $20,000 and other support through the summer of 2012. Visit to learn how to participate. The next event is January 18, 2012.