The University of Ottawa Faculty of Engineering has disclosed several research and technology partnership opportunities to OTTN in recent years.

The Faculty of Engineering has become a strong partner for industrial research partnerships. The faculty has participated in OTTN technology development programs, and other research partnerships programs such as OTTN’s www.sme4sme  program and partnership programs available from NSERC, OCE, and other specialised industry programs such as SDTC, and the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

The Faculty of Engineering has a strong focus on inter-disciplinary research in the following strategic areas: 

  • e-Society
  • Bio and health engineering
  • Critical infrastructure design and survivability
  • Sustainable energy and environmental technologies

As evidence of the high level of applied research taking place at the Faculty of Engineering, the OTTN is please to highlight the following list of projects and technologies that are open for licensing and research collaboration with Faculty of Engineering researchers. All University of Ottawa technologies can be viewed at the AUTM Global Technology Portal.

CARS Microscopy

CARS microscopy technology is an imaging technique for biological samples that provides high resolution and chemical selectivity. A prototype is ready for testing in your application.

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