Industry can get $50,000 of research done at a cost of $5,000 with the new VIP program

University of Ottawa researchers showed up in force this week to learn about the new VIP program that provides up to $50,000 in funding to work on a specific problem defined by industry partners. This new grant program was highlighted in a workshop organized by the Technology Transfer and Business Enterprise office (TTBE) at the university. VIP brings together funding opportunities from NSERC, OCE and Connect Canada. It builds from the popularity of the NSERC Engage program that has been enthusiastically received by the academic research community at the University of Ottawa, a testament to the research community’s interest in building new relationships with industry.

With a single application form, a project can receive $25,000 from NSERC and $20,000 from OCE for a 12 month research program, and an additional $5,000 from Canada Connect for a student intern who will spend time both at the company and at the university over a 4-6 month period. Since each academic researcher must meet NSERC’s strict guidelines for research excellence, industry partners are assured that they are working with strong research partners.


NSERC’s John Jackson explains VIP program to UOttawa researchers.

Industry partners who want to learn more about working with University of Ottawa research teams under this VIP program can contact the Technology Transfer and Business Enterprise (TTBE) office at the University of Ottawa. TTBE staff would be happy to help industry connect with researchers, as well as identify the appropriate funding opportunities for the project of interest.

To contact TTBE, email Stéphanie Richer at ttbe@uOttawa, or phone 613-562-5399.

Digital Transformation in Health 4.0 challenges industry and hospitals to improve health care delivery through collaboration

“I would like to challenge those of you here today to take real action towards making today’s meeting a success by talking to some of the people you have met on how you can work together to solve some of the issues we heard about today. If you can come up with a good project, OCE has funding for it.” That was the call to action by John Fielding, Regional Director at Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE). This capped off a half day of presentations and workshops at Digital Transformation 4.0, an annual event that brings industry, academia, and the health care sector together to stimulate the modernisation of the health care sector through the use of digital technologies.


Digital Transformations in Health 4.0 is the fourth in a series of events put on by the University of Ottawa’s Technology Transfer and Business Enterprise Office. The theme of this year’s event was the use of digital technologies in optimizing patient-engagement and patient-centred care. It featured speakers from both the hospitals and the private sector who were incredibly open about issues they are facing.

From the hospital side, it was clear that the system  requires change. All stakeholders in the system, including management, doctors, and patients see the need for change, and are looking at how they can deliver the most appropriate care, without putting the patient at risk. Industry is taking note of this, and sponsoring companies such as CAE and MDI Solutions, as well as other participants such as MyOfficeTool gave concrete examples as to how they are partnering with hospitals to improve health care delivery.

For the entrepreneurs in attendance, the opportunities were clear despite structural barriers that are necessary in any large organisation. This event provided a forum with the 3 breakout sessions to enable people to get together and start tackling those barriers in order to realise the opportunities.

 OTTN and TTBE, as well as the Ontario Centres of Excellence are looking forward to helping to build partnerships  for improving healthcare.  Together, we will be following up with participants to ensure there is a lasting impact from this half day conference.