Centre de recherche en photonique à l’Université d’Ottawa

Lorsque les chercheurs du Centre pour la recherche en photonique de l’Université d’Ottawa (CRPuO) déménage au nouveaux Complexe de recherche avancée (CRA), ils aurons accès au facilité nessecaire pour propulsé la science de la lumière vers de nouveaux sommets. Le chef du centre, Dr. Pierre Berini , explique comment le CRPuO est afin de découvrir des nouvelles applications pour la recherche photonique.

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Centre de recherche en photonique à l’Université d’Ottawa (CRPuO) (ANGLAIS)

Valorisation de la recherche et transfert de technologie (VRTT)


Centre for Research in Photonics at the University of Ottawa


As researchers at the Centre for Research in Photonics at the University of Ottawa (CRPuO) move into the newly built Advanced Research Complex (ARC), they will have access to advanced facilities required to keep them at the forefront of photonics research. Dr. Pierre Berini, the Director of the center, explains how the CRPuO is discovering new ways to apply the science of light to practical applications.

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Centre for Research in Photonics at the University of Ottawa (CRPuo)

Technology Transfer and Business Enterprise (TTBE)

Common Ground uOttawa Spring 2014

On May 28th 2014, TTBE partnered up with the Ottawa Network and You.i to build new relationships between local industry and the uOttawa research community.    Take a look at our video below and contact TTBE to learn how your company can benefit from uOttawa research.


Six start-ups to watch have uOttawa and OTTN connections

Six startups that have shared common connections with the OTTN and the University of Ottawa were featured in the Ottawa Business Journal last week. Their annual feature on Startups to Watch showcased ten promising start ups in the Ottawa area. Out of the ten companies, six share past relationships with the University of Ottawa.

It is great to see this impact from the OTTN and the University of Ottawa. This has been through the creation of start-ups and through university / industry research collaborations as follows:
CogniVue has collaborated with a number of uOttawa professors, including Robert Laganière, Shervin Shirmohammadi on projects such as driver assistance technologies for vehicles
Exocortex has worked with Jochen Lang to bring new capabilities to their cutting edge 3D animation software that is now being used in large scale film production.
Giatec Scientific was launched with the encouragement and financial support of the OTTN though our early PoP funding programs.
Micrometrics, Proximify and Spoonity are all graduates of the Startup Garage, a program that provides cash, mentorship and support to student entrepreneurs.
These companies join a 2013’s start-ups to watch that include iWatchLife, which is commercialising research arising from Robert Laganiere’s lab, and Gnowit, another Start-up Garage graduate. It is great to see this impact on the local economy.

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Leading haptics engineering team is developing technologies to bring more touch to our world

On the fifth floor of the University of Ottawa’s Iconic SITE Electrical Engineering and Computer Science building, Dr. Abdulmotaleb El Saddik and his team of students are changing the way we interact with the world. Dr. El Saddik is at the forefront of haptics, a field that brings touch to electronic devices.

Haptics technologies can be found everywhere in our modern world. Examples range from force feedback responses in flight simulators that train the commercial and military pilots that keep us safe, to built-in rumble packs in gaming controllers that enhance our games, and even to the phone vibrations that provide an alternative to ring tones of our mobile phones.

This is just the beginning of what will be an explosion of haptics in everyday life. In the not so distant future, deformable screens will bring tactile touch to our smart phones, and air jets and electromagnetic will bring touchable holograms. Dr. El Saddik is at the forefront of this revolution.

  “ The growing number of applications for next generation haptics can be found in almost every domain. Technology developers are taking steps to ensure that the latest haptics technology will have a much larger presence in their products. It is with this in mind that our lab is taking haptics technology to a whole new level of sophistication,” says Dr. El Saddik. He is becoming known around the world for  finding innovative applications for haptics technologies.

Dr. El Saddik’s projects include haptic feedback systems in vehicles, haptic enabled clothing that allow individuals to transmit and receive touch, and medical systems that provide feedback to both doctors and patients. His team focuses on the computer science and engineering of haptics. He deals with the challenges of integrating the advanced data transfer protocols haptic devices require for the massive amounts of data transferred real time in two directions by haptic devices. This means dealing with latency and processing times by developing new compression formats and haptics transfer protocols. For instance, the lab intends to make it easier for game developers to deal with the high volume of data associated with haptics parameters.

Dr. El Saddik and his large team of students have been well recognized by their peers for excellent research in this field. The team is now looking to bring haptics and the underlying technologies that make them possible to practical applications. The lab is an excellent resource for industry partners looking to add that special touch to their products.

See the Tabaret article for more information about Haptics at uOttawa:


Professor El-Saddik’s research websites can be found at http://www.mcrlab.uottawa.ca/ and at http://www.discover.uottawa.ca/

Information about the University of Ottawa can be found at http://www.uottawa.ca/about.html

For information on research partnerships contact ttbe@uottawa.ca