OTTN at National Angel Capital Organization annual meeting in Ottawa

Joe Irvine represented OTTN  as many members of the Ottawa entrepreneurship community participated in the National Angel Capital Organization.  OTTN Board member Michelle Scarborough was the conference co-chair and several others from OCRI and the RIC (Bruce Lazenby, Peter Becke) and many local entrepreneurs and angels were in attendance.  Two other ACCT Canada Board members also attended the event (Janet Scholz and Lanis Anthony)

Ontario Genomics Institute (OGI) Information Session

 Researchers interested in upcoming funding opportunities from Genome Canada and OGI are invited to attend an information session on:

Two Genome Canada competitions:

  •  A $60 M combined open/targeted large scale project competition (> $30 M for research in forestry and environment, and  < $30M for agriculture, fisheries and human health sectors).
  •  A $24 M competition in support of the S&T Innovation Centres

 and Three OGI programs:

  •  Genomics Capacity Building workshop program ($10K/ workshop)
  • Genomics Publication Fund (GPF) to support open access publication (up to $3K/publication)
  • Societal Impact of Genomics (SIG) Prize to recognize the successful integration of cross-disciplinary research at the interface of science and society ($10K) Read more of this post

Worth a look … GFunds OnlineTM provides information on hundreds of government programs for companies

GFunds OnlineTM ( is a new website aimed at helping small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) seeking to identify which of the hundreds of available government programs will assist them in bridging the gap from research discovery to market expansion.

GFunds OnlineTM has a user interface that list programs by region and by phase of commercial activity. It is a bit clumsy – but it provides rapid access to a large database of government programs. If you are a company – this website may identify programs you were not aware of, if you are a university researcher, this may help you to develop a new research partnership by identifying a program that benefits both your research and the company.