CanStep Adjustable Stairs


The CanStep Adjustable Stairs helps physiotherapists decrease patient recovery times by allowing patients to practice finely adjusted stair heights.  Louis Goudreau, an engineer at the Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Center designed the stairs to be more cost effective, reliable, durable and safer than similar commercially available designs.  The resulting design is now currently in use by patients whose injuries prevent them from getting up flights of stairs. These stairs address one of the main concern’s that physiotherapists have in regards to their patients; their patient’s ability of safely getting in and out of their homes. With this new piece of equipment recovery can be accelerated through incremental physical training that begins with practicing a short step height, and eventually increasing the height as recovery progresses. 

In the video below,  physiotherapists discuss the impact that this device is having on their patients.



The team is now seeking commercial partners to help them commercialize the technology so that it can benefit patients beyond the scope of  the Ottawa Hospital. The patent pending technology is available for license.

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