Laser à fibre femtoseconde portable

Portable Femtosecond Fiber Laser

The University of Ottawa is seeking partners in developing applications for its new femtosecond laser. This femtosecond (fs) laser brings the high power, ultra short pulses of a solid state fs laser into a fiber based system, enabling a substantial savings in size and cost. This opens up new possibilities in applications such as imaging, machining, and ophthalmology.

The specifications can be modified based on a user’s specific needs. Femtosecond fiber lasers based on this design will have the following advantages:

  • Lower operating costs

  • Portable due to 10 times size reduction (size of a desktop PC)

  • Robust lower cost system due to ease of manufacturing enabled by fiber optics

  • High power pulses appropriate for new and existing applications where pulses lower than 8 picoseconds are required

Researcher: Hanan Anis is an Associate Professor at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS). Previously, Hanan was the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Ceyba, an optical networking company. She conducted pioneering research in various areas of photonics, including soliton generation and detection, non-linear propagation, tunable lasers, and high-end transmission systems while at Nortel.

uOttawa researchers meet with Intellectual Ventures to develop solutions to emerging industry needs


The Intellectual Ventures (IV) software team visited uOttawa last week to discuss opportunities within their Invention Development fund. Working with this fund makes a lot of sense for university researchers given the fund managers are looking for inventions expected to have a major impact on society in the 5-7 year time frame. This model fits well with the strengths and goals of research intensive universities such as uOttawa.

Intellectual Ventures is a private equity investment firm founded by Nathan Myhrvold with the goal of creating a capital market for inventions. It has agreements with over 400 research institutions worldwide, including uOttawa.

At the meeting, David Ash and Jake Russell from IV presented five areas of interest to the software team and their industry clients.

– Augmented reality

– Next –generation cloud services

– Pervasive computing

– Multi core computing

– Big data

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10 uOttawa technologies with potential for improving collaborations, the online experiences, and security

The University of Ottawa Technology Transfer and Business Enterprise office is working with several researchers looking to commercialize new technologies with industry partners. Here are some of the technology areas they are working on.   

1.    Real Time HD Video over Public Networks

Dynamic control of HD video transmission by responding to and even predicting network conditions, eliminating buffering delays

2. Collaboration, whiteboarding and gaming using Minimal Bandwidth

Online collaboration, gaming, and teaching tools for mobile, desktops, and white boards enabled by converting animated files into binary commands for rapid communication, storage, transmission, and playback

3.    Panoramic 3D Video Camera

Camera configuration and software to simplify 360º stereoscopic recording to the point that it can be done real time in environments with lots of motion

4.    RFID Security Protocol

Radio frequency identification tags can be secured using minimal processing resources with this algorithm

5.    Authentication protocols for secure access

Increase security of devices through Easy Touch Access that senses biological signals from the user when the device is touched, and the 3D Graphical Password integrates difficult to copy pressure sensitivity on a touch screen as it cannot be seen by eavesdroppers.

6.    Accelerated scalar multiplication on elliptic curve cryptosystems over prime fields

This technology replaces expensive field multiplications by squarings and other cheaper operations in ECC point operations over a prime field.

7. Digital Watermaking for H.264 high definition video

This robust and imperceptible digital watermark scheme can be used to protect digital media from pirating and tampering.

8.    RFID Signal Protection – wireless sensor networks.

Algorithms designed to increase the reliability of wireless sensor networks.

9.    Augmented reality

Concepts for mobile devices to recognize objects and provide information

10.  Service Oriented Virtual Organization (SOVO) for collaborating across organisations

SOVO is a software system design framework that enables independent organizations to collaborate in a value network to achieve a common goal (i.e. delivering value to a customer). Most importantly, it enables the partners to measure the performance of the collaborations while protecting the data of the individual organizations from unauthorized use by the other parties


For more information contact:       Mark Pearson, TTBE;

(613) 562-5800 x 1246

Dr. François Robitaille develops next generation carbon fiber parts with the help of OTTN

Eight company CEOs with links to OTTN and uOttawa named as “100 Ottawa Rising Star CEOs”

Invest Ottawa has named eight CEO’s from companies that have a strong affiliations to OTTN and the University of Ottawa to the 100 Rising Star CEO’s.

Four of the rising stars include alumni of the Start-up Garage, a program delivered by the University of Ottawa’s Technology Transfer Business Enterprise Office, in partnership with the Ottawa Young Entrepreneurs and the Ontario Centres of Excellence, The CEO’s include:

Diego Macrini – Proximify Inc.

Max Bailey – Spoonity

Mohammad Al Azzouni – Gnowit Inc.

Nick May – REMAY/SHAV Shower Bar Corp.

The following 4 other companies have strong links to the University of Ottawa:

Ken Lawless – BioDiesel Reactor (BDR) Technologies Inc.  BDR is a University of Ottawa spinoff company based on technology developed by the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Pouria Ghods – Giatec Scientific Inc.  Dr. Ghods is a uOttawa and Carleton graduate, and Giatec received funding and support from the OTTN.

Mehran Talebinejad – neurOQOre Dr. Talebinejad is the Ontario Brain Entrepreneurship fellow, and is a uOttawa Eng. Ph.D. graduate currently building his company with Ottawa Young Entrepreneur’s support.pport from the OTTN.

Erin Knight –NorDocs Technologies Inc. Erin was formerly with uOttawa’s School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) in the Centre for Research in Photonics. Nordoc’s has collaborated with researchers at EECS.

The OTTN is pleased to see Invest Ottawa recognize these candidates for their contribution to the Ottawa business community, and congratulates them for their achievements.

The Startup Garage Information Session is Thursday September 27, 2012

The Startup Garage Information Session is Thursday September 27, 2012

The Start-up Garage 2012 Closes with Spoonity Delivering the Top Pitch

The 8 companies in the 2012 version o f the Start-up Garage closed off the summer with impressive showings in our first ever pitch competition. All companies demonstrated a major improvement in how they could talk about their business, which reflects the progress they have made through the summer while intensively working in the Start-up Garage.

The pitch competition challenged the companies to give their best, in front of a panel of accomplished judges, and all the volunteers to the Start-up Garage that helped us deliver the program. Apart from the judges ranking the top three pitches, the audience was able to pick their own winner by vote. After careful deliberation, and counting the people’s picks, the results were as follows:

1. Spoonity – Invest Ottawa prize
2. Remay – Deloitte Prize
3. MyOfficeTool – Gowlings prize
People’s Choice – Remay after a tie breaker between Spoonity, Remay, and Proximify

The top three in order of rank chose their prize according to the needs of their companies. This included the Gowlings prize pack, including business law and intellectual property consultation; Deloitte prize pack, including $2,500 in consulting from Ian Rathwell; and Six months no charge space at the Invest Ottawa accelerator. The winner of the people’s pick received a prize pack from the University of Ottawa.

The Start-up Garage opens its doors again on September 27, 2012, with an information session at 4:30 – 7:00 pm in the University of Ottawa, University Centre – Agora, 85 University Private (UCU) Online registration also opens at

To learn more about the pitch competition, and the Start-up Garage and its companies, check out the recent media articles:

Clinical Evaluation Online (CEO) Inc. licenses software developed at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Health Science to improve the training of nursing students.

Clinical Evaluation Online (CEO), Inc. has secured marketing rights from the University of Ottawa for its practicum evaluation software to facilitate the evaluation of nursing students, and other healthcare professionals. This is an important first step in bringing this innovation, which has improved nurse education at the University of Ottawa, to students across North America and around the world. Read more of this post

Clinical Evaluation Online (CEO) Inc. obtient une licence pour un logiciel développé à la Faculté des sciences de la santé de l’Université d’Ottawa pour améliorer l’apprentissage des étudiant(e)s en sciences infirmières.

Clinical Evaluation Online (CEO), Inc. a été accordé le droit de commercialisation pour un logiciel d’évaluation de travaux pratiques de l’Université d’Ottawa. Le logiciel aide à faciliter l’évaluation des étudiant(e)s en sciences infirmières ainsi que celle d’autres professionnels des services de santé. Cette licence constitue donc  une première étape importante dans le cheminement d’une innovation, qui a amélioré l’éducation étudiant(e)s en sciences infirmières à l’Université d’Ottawa, en la rendant disponible aux étudiant(e)s à travers l’Amérique du Nord et autour du monde. Read more of this post