TTBE launches registration for “Digital Transformation 2.0: Innovation in Healthcare”

The Technology Transfer and Business Enterprise (TTBE) office of the University of Ottawa is gearing up for its second “Breakfast Seminar”. A free event, registration to the seminar starts today until October 31st. Click here for registration information.

Event description as shown on Eventbrite:

A Seminar for University and Hospital Researchers, Post-doctoral Fellows and Graduate Students

Healthcare is now the largest single item in government expenditures and plays an important role in our country and our community.

There are both challenges and opportunities related to the use of information technology in healthcare. These provide new opportunities for research, for careers, for new products and for entrepreneurship that will impact uOttawa, our hospitals and our students.

Find our what key opinion leaders from academia, hospitals and industry say about the new opportunities created in healthcare by the imminent digital
transformation of clinical information.


8:30am – W. J. Keon, Keynote Speaker

8:45am – Dr. Andrew Seely, Thoracic Surgeon, TOH and Founder, TMS

8:55am – Dr. Dan Krewski, Institution for Population Health uOttawa and Founder, RSI

9:05am – Dr. Doug McNair, VP Cerner – Clinical Opportunities for Innovation

9:15am – Mr. Wayne Gudbranson, President Branham – Market Opportunities for Health IT

9:25am – Dr. Liam Peyton, Associate Professor, SEECS, uOttawa: Tackling the Digital Divide in Healthcare

9:35am – Mr. Alain Mouttham, Former Founder and CEO of a Silicon Valley Startup, Researcher, SEECS, uOttawa: Real-Time Monitoring of Patient Care

*The speakers will participate in a question and answer session at the end of the presentations, moderated by Dr. Jom Aw, PhD, MBA, Founder and CEO of Strategyx Inc, and Biosciences Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

**Registration takes place from 7:30-8:00am, followed by welcoming remarks and a small breakfast. Presentations begin at 8:30 with Keynote Speaker Dr. W. J. Keon. The program will close at 10:30am.”

About Ottawa Technology Transfer Network
The Ottawa Technology Transfer Network (OTTN) is a collaboration among academic research institutions affiliated with the University of Ottawa and who's goal is to enhance the economic impact of research commercialization through the sharing of best practices, enhanced market knowledge, student engagement and proactive industrial interation. OTTN members include the University of Ottawa, the Ottawa Hospital Research Institutie (OHRI), the Childrens' Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) and the Unviversity of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI)

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